NY Fashion Week: Rebecca Taylor fashion show review

Rebecca Taylor

REBECCA TAYLOR | Runway Fall 2009 Collection-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week…

A warm colored presentation of feminine pieces mixed with some edge and balanced with an air of innocence best describes the Rebecca Taylor fashion show for fall 2009.

I picture these pieces on a cute, mousy girl at an art gallery opening sipping red wine, a little bit quirky, very creative and intuitive, she stares at the art with question but really she is wondering why Wendy ever left Neverland.

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The soft, warm colors are a nice relief after a lot of black and grey and they are matched with blue tights or socks and smudged blue shadow around the eyes which gives it that feminine yet quirky look.

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Mostly solids in shades of berry, brown, ivory, charcoal and then the accent blue.

This was perhaps the best use of an animal print, I really abhor animal prints, but this was a subtle leopard print in tonal brown and black colorways, I could handle it and I actually even it liked it on skinny pants and pencil skirts topped with a billowy blouse – again it’s the edge paired with romanticism.

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There were a few peg leg pants – sigh, what can I say, they are everywhere I guess – maybe on the plus side at least the fabrics were very drapy silks and nothing too structured. I loved all the ruffles and self fabric rosettes on dresses and blouses, there were some beautiful knits too – a cream sweater tank dress with metallic woven in and fringe on the hem and some fuzzy fair isle sweaters with delicate ball trim at the hems.

I am not one for fur, but I did like the silhouette created from a tight bottom, a pencil skirt or pant, with a slightly sheer peasant-like blouse, and a big, fluffy cropped fur vest! The skirts in general were all very flattering and looked comfortable and relaxed but made in more luxe fabrications. I would wear 75% of the collection which gives it a big thumbs up in my book! Alix on the Go