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  • NY Fashion Week: Shelly Steffee fashion show review

    Shelly Steffee- fall presentation

    Shelly Steffee – Fall 2009 fashion collection…

    A great mix of fabric textures and beautiful tailoring made for an impressive collection with a futuristic / equestrian feel.

    Well placed cut-outs to show off a woman’s decoltage, a beautifully draped jersey dress with braided fabric woven within the sweeping cowl, very well fit felt
    jacket with pleated latex shoulders and of course the of-the-moment peg shaped pant looking wearable on the mannequin – too bad that silhouette can be difficult for real people to pull off.

    (photo gallery below)

    Again, as almost all the fall collections the color range is predominantly blacks and greys, but the mixing of fabrics at least makes these colors beautiful, not so somber.

    There was a fantastic felt coat with super chunky knit high collar and leather sleeves – all black, but the textures made it luscious. Knit legging pants that you know just sucked your leg in had same color black leather top applied to create an even more elongated leg.

    The hair and head pieces continued with the futuristic look but with an added S & M feel – I do not no what this woman does for a living but I would be frightened of her, but perhaps that is a good thing.Alix on the Go


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