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  • NY Fashion Week: Thuy fashion show review

    Thuy- fall 2009

    Thuy- Fall 2009 Collection, video below…

    Fashion is not always taken at face value. Sometimes you need to give it a bit of time and understand that taste is very subjective. I’m more of a realist than trendy fabulousista when it comes to flattering silhouettes.

    Ok, I won’t lie, my first impression of this collection was not a good one, but by the end of the show I acknowledged it means absolutely nothing if I personally don’t like it, but it means everything it I can look past my taste and see what has been created and the whether it has been created well.

    This line was indeed well made.

    My personal issue was that many of the pieces were made it seemed to enhance everything that a woman wants to hide – this, in my mind, gets major checks against it. Of course that peg leg pant is seen a lot here, and if that wasn’t enough it is in shiny satins and metallic fabrics which just call out every possibly body flaw.

    The outerwear was the most impressive as far as unique tailoring and creating interesting shapes, but with that is the fact that some of these shapes were quite large and if you didn’t have long skinny legs sticking out you’d look like a giant ball! One skirt in particular which I wanted to love, had beautiful ruffles and texture in a gorgeous shade of blue, but why all the volume down the sides just making a woman look as wide as possible?! I also was not a fan of the florescent splatter paint print.

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    Enough about what I don’t like…. Like I said previously, the outerwear had beautiful shape, unique details showing up on sleeves, on the back and collars.I loved the color mixing of black, navy and bright cobalt blue with white.There was a short dress as well as a skirt in a silver beaded fringe material that had a flapper-gone-punk feel which was super hot. That dress and maybe one of the coats are what I would take home.

    Well, what do you think? Alix on the Go

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