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  • New York Fashion Week Blabber and Some Beauty Tips Too from Brad Boles


    A tranny train wreck, a model incubator, what it’s like at Lincoln Center, fashion challenged bloggers, a real life girl make-up advice, and the ever-present "French Chic Look" has hit the New York runways for spring 2011!

    NYFW Kvetch-A-Thon…

    Ok we need to talk! I want Bryant Park back! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York at Lincoln Center looks like an efficient airport in a small town, armed with scanners and airport stanchions for miles.

    There’s even a beauty station just in case you need to get a blow out in between shows. Think Lauren Arpel.

    There is a Starbucks with some bottled coffee-esque beverage and more twenty-something "fashion" bloggers in Aldo clogs with a Pippi Longstockings fixation than one needs in two lifetimes.

    Let’s take a moment to talk about this phenomenon.

    Working it with her Mini Me doll.

    Sharon Haver and I have been in the fashion industry with a combined experience of more then fifty years! I would say we know what we’re talking about by now! Out of nowhere, these kids with little to no fashion sense are self-purported "seasoned" bloggers, with really scary advice.

    But go ahead.

    I wouldn’t use a veterinarian to cut my hair.

    But if you want to use a frustrated, socially stagnant blogger with a yen for jiggly-heeled designer-knock off open-toe booties and a $19.99 stretch mini dress that looks like it was sized for an 8 year old for your fashion guidance, well good luck.

    You better work it, girl…

    As much as I love pink, Sharon has always loved those Fashion Week trannys at their most extravagant best. In between shows at Lincoln Center on Sunday we both sat down on the steps and boy did we get a show.

    In my opinion, it was much more interesting than what was going on inside the tents!

    Tsujed up outside Lincoln Center.. yes, it was daytime.

    Tsujed up outside Lincoln Center.. yes, it was daytime.

    Along with the usual quirky characters who are part of the tapestry of fashion, there’s the guy who wore a different mask every day, the otherwise plain-looking student who wore Crayola blue only on her lower lips, some fetish shod Club Kid clones, Bryan Boy wannabe’s, and a Central Casting cast-off of "Sex and the City" extras, there are some extraordinary creatures.

    Boys trying way too hard & what's with the yellow socks?

    Boys trying way too hard & what’s with the yellow socks?

    Sharon spotted this gorgeous young man first. Miss Styled Thing with a fifteen-inch dressed in a camel jacket with "Dynasty" shoulder pads, ivory earrings, Grace Jones hair, and a swinging handbag! Think Dianne Carol! Well, needless to say, it puts my pink Birkin to shame! He was truly divine and worked the fountain like it was a runway and circled it three time’s a la J Alexander! You Go Girl….I only wish I had my camera that day.

    I see Paris, I see France. I see your…

    Let’s talk about the French influence over this last week’s designer spring 2011 collections; from

    A model walks the runway at the Luca Luca Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Official Coverage at Lincoln Center on September 14, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz/Raul Melgoza

    A model walks the runway at the Luca Luca Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Official Coverage at Lincoln Center on September 14, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz/Raul Melgoza

    Narciso Rodriguez‘s two-tiered, the perfect simplicity at Jason Wu for TSE, mid-calf silk dress to Luca Luca‘s floaty, ruffled-edge, pastel, below the knee, slit arm, feminine, YSL-inspired number.

    >> Fashion Shows and Runway Reviews

    The real show stopper has to be Vera Wang‘s Parisian meets "Breakfast at Tiffany" inspired collection. The attention to detail is very Balmain as well as the use of color. Hats off to Vera! Here’s to French Chic!

    Enough about drag queens and models, let’s talk about YOU…

    I’ve decided to hits the streets and talk "real girl" makeup tips this week. I’m going to turn to the makeup addicted, mascara-eating Chick Suzanne, a beautiful brunette with long flowing hair, big eyes, and lot’s of drama. Here goes it…

    Brad: “What do you consider the most important element in your make-up box?”

    Suzanne: “My Dior Black eyeliner!”

    Joan Jett

    Joan Jett, makeup inspiration

    Brad: “Clearly you turn to Joan Jett for your make-up inspiration. At what age did you master the art of eyeliner application and what’s your secret in applying it?:

    Suzanne: “In the 1980s, good eyeliner to start, if you can’t afford Dior, Cover Girl, works very well. More is never enough!”

    Brad: “How do you feel about foundation and how do you determine the perfect shade?”

    Suzanne: “It’s a must. Simply use trial and error. I’ve used the back of the hand, but it doesn’t always work. You really need to try it on a clean face. Most stores have a return policy, so if you get it home and suddenly realize you look like that lady in "Something About Mary", don’t panic! Wash your face and try again until you get it right!”

    Brad: “What about lips: what they mean to you, and finding the shade that works?”

    Suzanne: “When in doubt, go natural and never be afraid of red. Your lip color balances the drama you’ve played up on you eyes!”

    Brad: Well, thank you Suzanne. You ladies out there, don’t be shy keep the questions coming!

    My metrosexual style tipster Rob Siegal will be back with lots of fall fashion tips; and believe me, they are also French Chic from the fall Dior men’s wear collection to how to look great using the high low principal saving money and looking hot and up to date!

    And how was your week? — Brad Boles


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