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Your In-Between Wardrobe

Look great while you slim down without buying a new wardrobe.
Article By: Lisa Milbrand
Your In-Between Wardrobe

The good news: Your hard work has paid off; you’re halfway to your goal weight and most of your clothes are swimming on you.

The bad news: Though you’re looking great underneathyour clothes, the droopy blouses and baggy pants aren’t showing off your sleek new self. Rather than drop hundreds of dollars on a whole new wardrobe that you’ll probably need to replace again in a few month, try these tricks and tips for looking stylish as you slim down.

Shop in your own closet. You may find some “skinny clothes” hidden in the back that can be the basis of your in-between wardrobe. If not, take a second look at your current-size clothes. “Start looking at clothes in a different way,” suggests New York-based fashion expert Sharon Haver. “A baggy blazer, shirt or shirt-dress can be worn as an open coat over a slimmer silhouette.” Too-large dress shirts can be cinched with a belt to accentuate your figure.

Host a clothing swap. Your friends may have just the pieces and sizes you need (and vice versa). Gather a few dozen hangers, borrow a few garment racks and then invite everyone over with their castoffs. Organize clothes by size, then give each guest the opportunity to walk away with as many “new” items as she came with. Odds are, you’ll all find a few perfect pieces to tide you over — plus you’ll get rid of the too-big pieces you can’t wear anymore.

Buy a few key pieces. “Look for things that fit close to your body, rather than baggy clothes,” Haver recommends. “They won’t look ridiculously oversized later on as you lose more weight.” Don’t blow your budget on the priciest brands; these key pieces are still transitional, so you probably won’t be wearing them for very long. Simple, straight-leg black pants with a little bit of stretch are easily dressed up or down for casual or work events. Likewise, an A-line stretch skirt is a versatile piece. And a few well-fitting T-shirts or knit tops will show off your svelte frame and allow you to wear some of the baggier bottoms in your closet. “If you’re wearing baggy bottoms, you need to wear something slim on the top to balance it out,” Haver says.

Splurge on great accessories. A wide slide-ring belt can cinch baggy clothes and you won’t have to worry about running out of belt holes. And of course, you could always use great shoes. “Nothing looks better than a really good, sexy pair of high heels,” Haver says. “They make you look slimmer and taller, and they make droopy clothes look better.”

Pamper yourself. Hey, when you look as good as you do, people tend not to notice your (slightly oversized!) clothes. Get a haircut or new color that shows off your features, or get your eyebrows shaped. Says Haver, “Don’t ignore the little things. They can make you look great.”