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  • Pedicure Boots- Who Knew?


    Every once in a while there’s a clever idea that’s not the most stylish. Think of this as a wannabe UGG married to an open toe bootie.

    Here’s where the not too favorite visual makes perfect sense- Bootie Pies are pedicure boots.

    How many times in the winter have you sat in the nail salon begrudgingly waiting for your tootsies to dry and wished there was some way to speed up the prolonged process?

    Well, so did three sisters from New Jersey who conceived, Bootie Pies. Fuzzy-lined suede UGG-alikes that have a patent leather toe cap which flips back to expose freshly polished toes until they dry!

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    You may not want to run around town with your exposed toes, but  Bootie Pies are certainly a novel way to head home from the pedicure place around the corner or race to your car until your polish dries.

    And, isn’t saving some wasted drying time worth it all in the end?

    Full disclosure: We had asked to road test the black boot with the black sole, but instead received the brown with a tan sole to try.  Sight unseen, I would stick to Bootie Pies in all black.

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