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  • Do you want the perfect way to dress up jeans? Try classic plaid!


    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Cozy and casual chic plaid that’s the perfect way to dress up  jeans

    Sometimes dressing up is really a spin on what could be dressing down.

    Truth be told, I love plaid. Especially red plaid. Always have.

    My vintage Geoffrey Beene red plaid coat may come out of retirement soon.

    My vintage Geoffrey Beene red plaid coat may come out of retirement soon.

    For me, plaid runs the gambit from my collection of cowgirl chic western shirts to classic American sportswear iterations, like my Geoffrey Beene vintage red plaid coat, pictured left, that I may just pull out and wear again.

    Aside from its classic heritage, plaid is VERY much on trend this season.

     What it does best is dress up your jeans in a snap.

    Just look at the tailored modern classic panache of Kate Mara (pictured above left) wearing her plaid zip jacket over her Buffalo David Bitton Faith Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans. Simple ease and chic for a laid back day at work or around the city. Switch it out with a pencil skirt and stiletto booties for a dressier look.

    Gwen Stefani, (pictured above right) on the other hand, has a hip (of, course) causal vibe by way of her Aqua oversized plaid top (I think i really need to get this!) paired with dark wash jeans and snappy kicks. In true Stefani style, her matte red lips, platinum hair, and groovy round shades add a certain level of glam. It’s a versatile wrap top that’s perfect for when you work from home or a day at the playground.

    Wanna get a little sexy?

    Try pairing your plaid top with black leather jeans or a black leather midi skirt.

     So, are you rocking plaid this season? Tell me your favorite looks in the comments below.

    SHOP IT: I pulled some super chic plaid tops & jackets for you to think about:

    Photo of Kate Mara:Buffalo David Bitton Photo of Gwen Stefani: Aqua

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