PILATES, The Fashionable Workout You Can Do At-Home

PILATES, The Fashionable Workout You Can Do At-Home – How To Make This Celebrity Fitness Phenomena Work In Your Life

How To Make This Celebrity Fitness Phenomena Work In Your Life

But that was then and this is now!

There is an arsenal of at-home alternatives to utilize the mind-body method of conditioning without breaking the bank.

Plus, you can reap the expertise of some of the best in the business Pilates gurus right in your own home… can anything be more fab?

Like any form of exercise, you should consult your physician before undertaking this regime and, of course, some personal training tune-ups will add oomph and greater understanding.

The Books–

You may want a book as a handy reference for movements. Here are some recommendations:

Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Pilates Method (Alpha Books) by Karon Karter is a great overall review of mat work and machines for first time Pilates exercisers without being overly intimidating and walks you through some specialized workouts, like "The Anticellulite Solution".

The Pilates Body machine-free guide to mat work and a wonderful reference for absolute beginners to a pro who just wants a quick refresher.
The Pilates Powerhouse (Perseus Books) by Mari Winsor is billed as "no equipment necessary" and offers simple directions to basic mat work.

The At-Home Equipment–

From large to small, there are a variety of apparatus’s to heighten the Pilates experience. The professional Reformer is a sliding-carriage, bed-like machine with springs that slide within the carriage so you can perform a system of 32 exercises. Most go for way upwards of $2,000 and can take up far too much space for average home use.

That’s where Stamina Products comes in: Collaborating with the Pilates Studio ®, they have developed a fully integrated, cost-effective Pilates Home System. The Pilates Premier Performer is a compact-size version of a Reformer that’s small enough to tuck away when not in use and way cheaper. A Box and Pole or Stand can be added.

The Pilates Home Studio set is an excellent value as it comes with a Small Barrel for stretching, strengthening & realigning the spine, Magic Circle (think of it as a toning, mini hoola hoop), instructional video, lead by Joseph Pilates protégé, Romana Kryzanowska, and cushy mat.

The Videos–

Can’t say enough good things about the Stott Pilates™ home video series. Developed by master instructor Moira Stott-Merrithew, the cueing and direction are flawless- then again, the Stott studio equipment is pretty amazing too.

Favorite Stott Pilates videos include: The Flex-Band Workout mimics the resistance-training of a Reformer machine (great for taking on the road), Power Fitness Circle (their name for a Magic Circle), and the Power Mat Workout. Be sure to keep to your fitness level when choosing videos.

I wouldn’t exactly say it was rough road testing a cornucopia of Pilates fitness products, but in my opinion, these, without question, offer the best at-home exercising, and are far better than going to a studio and paying for so-so instructor. Now, get to it!