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  • Pool Party Freak Out… How to Look Hot When You’re Not Wearing A Lot

    Pool Party Freak Out… How to Look Hot When You're Not Wearing A Lot

    Q:Pool Party Freak Out… How to Look Hot When You’re Not Wearing A Lot

    I’m invited to a pool party tomorrow at the home of a guy I really like. The problem is that he’s 26, I’m 30. All of his friends are young! I want to look good, but, hey, I have the body of a 30 year old!

    I’m not in bad shape, but I’m 5’1 and have an hourglass figure that’s heavier on the bottom with a small waist and, 36C chest. What can I possibly wear and be comfortable in? Please help ’cause cellulite sucks! (Fuquay-Varina, NC)


    Awmoygawd, exposing one’s flesh when you’re dying to impress… not a relaxing event!

    But get over it. The guy invited you because he must like you to some degree. And being an “older woman” of a mere four years is bubkas once you pass college life.

    Youth doesn’t guarantee a hot bod, but age certainly should shine some wisdom: Flatter your figure and make the most of what you’ve got!

    You say you’re not in bad shape and have a busty hourglass body, so show off your assets and keep what makes you feel uncomfortable under wraps- literally!

    When you’re not lounging on a chaise or going for a dip in just your swimsuit, drape a pretty sarong around your hips, island style. It will emphasis your small waist and camouflages your hips and thighs. Or try a pair of drawstring waist Capri pants that give the same effect. Do wear a bathing suit top that emphasizes your bustline.

    As far as cellulite goes, there’s nothing you can do overnight that’s worth the bother, but a faux tan will provide a clever hint of masking.

    If you chill out about your figure, your air of modesty may just provide enough mystery to get the embers blazing.

    –July 19, 2002

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