Pose Like A Celebrity: Elle Macpherson…

Red carpet posing tips to make you look just as amazing…

It’s that time of year where we all get snapped more than ever. What with summer parties, June weddings, graduations, and the big vacation on the calendar, we need to be a little paparazzi ready in our personal lives.

From years of being a stylist on photography set, countless times of listening to the king of the pose, my friend, Miss J. backseat model with all his directives, I can look at the perfect red carpet photo and tell you how to instantly get into the most flattering position when a camera is in front of you.

If there ever was a single photo to capture how to pose like a celebrity on the red carpet, it would be this one of supermodel Elle Macpherson.

We may never be as tall and willowy as Elle, but we can certainly get the stance! It really is all about a 3 rather than full-frontal angel to create the illusion of a longer, thinner, more curvaceous body and, most important, to look poised, polished, and in control.

Look pounds thinner and years younger, well at least more elegant, when you learn how to pose for the red carpet:

  • Take a deep breath and exhale to appear relaxed.
  • Head up as if someone is pulling the crown of your head to the sky.
  • Chin ever so slightly up and forward to alleviate a double chin– not too much or you’ll get a nostril shot.
  • Smile from your lower mouth only– eyes won’t squint and wrinkles won’t appear.
  • Know the best side of your face and position it to the camera.
  • Shoulders back.
  • Inside shoulder angled away from the camera–this sets the 3 frame for the rest of you to appear slimmer.
  • Inside arm on upper hip to create shape and have your waist appear smaller.
  • Outside arm, straight and slightly away from your body to avoid ruining the line of your outfit and have your upper body appear leaner.
  • Hand in a semi-open pretty shape with fingers slightly apart.
  • Tummy tight.
  • Hips forward and continue to be on a 3 angle way from the camera to look slimmer.
  • Outside leg crossed over to the inside with foot pointed inward to create an elongated and slim leg. You are not putting any weight on this foot so leg muscles look lean.
  • Inside leg is your support. Once it is placed on your mark, everything will fall in place from there.

Read the tips, study the photo of Elle, get in front of a mirror, and try out the little tricks a few times. Eventually, it will come naturally. Snap, snap!


Photo: Janet Mayer/PrPhotos