How to Seduce – with your makeup?!

How to Seduce, with your makeup?! Prescriptives launches the Seducers makeup color collection.

Bazillions of us wish there was some magic potion to bone up on the oh so delicate art of how to seduce that special someone. If there was only an oil, a fragrance, a studied list of seduction tips, anything to lure in Mr. Adorkable in the cubicle across the way.

Well, my romantics souls… when it comes to tantalizing tricks and homebrewed hocus-pocus, the best bet to master the art of seduction is The Seducers– a sultry in an old-movie star glamorous kind of way, makeup collection from Prescriptives.

The Seducers, inspired by those gorgeous and alluring black and white celebrity photos of the 1940’s spin old Hollywood glam into modern day diva-delightful allure. This is brilliant, hit them with a pow, mega-color make-up absolutely guaranteed to have you not look like a sheepish waif but more like a sure-fire bombshell.

The limited edition, customized, and refillable Colorscope Eye Color Compact Colorscope Lipcolor, and limited edition Lucky Stroke Eye Defining Liquid Eye liner are true to the Prescriptives color families concept, each available in a palette to complete your individual skintone.

Forget about sitting back and being unnoticed this season, it’s time to seduce the cameras and own your very own, personal red carpet!

–October 9, 2007