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    Primpaholics Beware, There IS Such A Thing As Beauty Etiquette

    There Is Such A Thing As Beauty Etiquette

    She is completely off base–teetering on vulgar– in this case!

    Watching someone who is overindulging in public primping is likened to an accident: You really don’t want to stare, but just cannot take your eyes away from the crime scene. Perhaps, this is Yvette’s feeble way to manipulate the spotlight. Since I’m not a shrink, I will not dare to go there.
    In social situations, a quick (emphasis on speedy) at the table touch-up of lipstick is okay, but better off reserved for the ladies room when it comes to a business meeting.

    Lips should look approachable, engaging, and alluring-they are the gateway to all your brilliant words. Yvette’s application technique sounds like she can apply for a job restoring frescoes. We all want to look polished, but the amount of elbow grease involved to make us shine is best taken out of sight to the loo.
    In our modern, relaxed, on-the-go society, many little tidbits of grooming have edged their way into the open. But there really isno substitute for old-fashioned manners.

    Consider this little ditty that I found on The Victorian Web, Etiquette for the Ball Room, 1880, “A lady or gentleman should finish their toilet before entering the room for dancing, as it is indecorous in either to be drawing on their gloves, or brushing their hair. Finish your toilet in the dressing rooms.” Sweet sister of smudged style, an entire century may be between us, but ‘finish your toilet in the dressing rooms’ is my idea of modern genius for etiquette.

    I was in a taxi the other day with a cabdriver who was complaining about a previous fare. His gripe: This passenger was alternating between wildly spritzing hairspray and lubing up with heavily scented hand cream. The poor driver was about to be affixiated from the crossfire of scents when he asked the woman to kindly refrain from her beauty routine while confined in his taxi. The passenger huffed that she would report the driver for “disturbing” her. Gentlepeople, please… think of others around you and keep your grooming habits private!

    Here are some grosser grooming no-nos:
    · Applying a full-face of makeup while on your daily train commute.
    · Touching up a chipped nail– with stinky nailpolish-while in a waiting room.
    · Applying perfume or perfumed products in public, particularly closed quarters like an elevator.
    · Brushing hair over a sink, table, or counter and leaving a pile of your strays behind.
    · And, one more that I never quite understood-shaving legs poolside or in a public sauna???

    Next time, don’t be caught with your Beauty IQ down the loo!

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