Professional Beauty Finds- What’s In Your Makeup Artist’s Pro Kit via The Makeup Show

Just like a good recipe, it’s all about the ingredients…

Of course they are talented & know how to make you look gorge, but it’s also about what products the professional makeup artist uses to create that master touch. Brad Boles and I have told you about how many beauty products that we actually toss, before we find the few great things to share with you.

I did a pit stop over at The Makeup Show that wrapped in New York yesterday to get some inside dish on what the pros — you know the folks who have a conniption if you tell them that you double-duty your lipstick as blush– will be packing in their make up kits to help you get your glam on.

After much blotting, applying, spritzing and blending, here are some of my faves from The Makeup Show:

Skindinavai 10 Years Younger

Skindinavia 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish

I’ve used this makeup finish spray and loved it to the point that the label wore off and I and couldn’t remember where it was from! Boy, was I glad to find my old friend. 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish is an incredible weightless mist that sets your makeup with a natural glow. Available at


The Powder Group Clear Soft-Pack Cosmetic Bags-

A lifesaver clear organizer to make getting through airport security that much easier and the easiest way to find things in the bottom of your purse or in your makeup drawer. Pros swear by these cube-block shaped bags to organize makeup for shoots. I picked up some more to add to my collection. Available at The Powder Group, and similair ones here at UltraBeauty.

Kevyn Aucoin The Prime Color Creme Eye Shadow-

A creamy– but not creasy– eye shadow that dries to a soft velveteen finish and can be used alone or as a shadow primer. “Decedent” is a tzujed up better than natural bronzy brown color. Kevyn Aucoin at or Barneys New York.


Make Up Forever Professional Aqua Liner-

Launched at The Makeup Show and tested by a synchronized swim team, Make Up Forever Aqua Liner is formulated with abundant polymers to render it completely waterproof & with its specialized foam tip, the perfect amount of liner is released to help draw a precise line. I think its great to wear for watery allergy eyes! Make Up Forever is available at Sephora.

Stila Convertible Eye Color

Stila Convertible Eye Color-

A dual-ended eye color wand for shadow or liner with a built-in applicator that’s super easy and clean to apply. Ivy is a fab mossy dark green. Available at Sephora.


Mario Badescu Skin Care Summer Shine Body Lotion-

A greaseless body lotion, enriched with Vitamin A, for subtle shimmer and a radiant glow. Shoulders and legs are begging for it! Available at Mario Badescu Skin Care


Nurturing Force Wellness Aloe Vera Skincare Blot Out Offensive Shine + Oil Control Cream-

It’s a mouthful of a product name for a fantastic, celebrity requested product that acts as an HD primer to make skin instantly matte while chock full of natural anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients that soothe the overworked and sensitive skin of models and actresses… you deserve it too! More at Nurturing Force

Lead photo: The Make Up Show