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  • Productivity Tip: The importance of your morning ritual [Quick Tips Video]

    morning ritual

    Take the time in the morning to start your day off on the right foot…

    Living in New York City can sometimes gets chaotic. In the mornings, it can be hard to get quiet time with so much going on. Which is why when I’m out in Wyoming, I really have time to reflect and slow things down.

    If you are looking to get more accomplished during your days, the best place to start is DIRECTLY in the morning. As you wake up and have your coffee, think about what you want to accomplish. Make a mental list of your top 3 actions. Take a walk, meditate, plan, reflect. It’s SO important to do this first thing in the morning before any distractions come your way.

    Try it out! I guarantee it will have an amazing impact on your day.

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