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  • It’s cold, you need this: Quick layering tips & must-have’s to help prepare you for an artic chill

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    Brrrrr, it’s freezing out. We all need a little extra padding to protect us from the elements. But who wants to look like a S’Mores with legs?

    Don’t worry, we have you covered….

    Quick layering tips are something we think you may want to take heed of considering how brutally cold its been so early on into the winter season

    So how do you prepare yourself before heading out in the ‘polar vortex?’ And no, red wine is not the answer!

    Any cold weather dresser has surely accomplished or at least attempted to master the art of winter layering. In case you haven’t figured out a winter routine when on the go, keep reading…

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    Sharon & I already pointed out some clever ways in the past to help you take the bulk out of layering winter wear come cold season, and taken you on a crash course of the best coats you should own season in, season out.

    But as we scramble to keep warm with near record-breaking lows around us, it’s about time we consider essential layers for when you are on the go without adding extra time in the morning. You’ve already got a closet full of layers of all sorts, so now’s the time to get creative with them!

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    Start with:

    • A core base of thinly knit wool leggings, knit tank or tee and continue.
    • Get creative with your outer layers. A slim wool trouser paired under a coordinating skirt has been looking great at recent fashion shows -why not give it a go? Or what about the idea we proposed a few weeks ago: a sexy fitted dress topped off with a detailed pencil skirt? Keep on piling don’t stop!
    • Collared shirts and fitted turtlenecks have also made a big comeback so take advantage and pair them under everything from dresses you name it.
    • Have you thought about layering gloves? Find a pair of fingerless gloves that you think would match a pair of dark opera length gloves and pair away.
    • From wool baseball caps at J.Crew to snoods and the epic comeback of dickie’s (Sharon loves her Gant one from a couple of seasons ago that is similiar to this turtleneck dickie from Acne) and bibs, there’s also plenty of clever and stylish neck warmers out there.
    • Don’t finish with just one coat. Find a vest you think is flattering such as a sleeveless peacoat, and wear it under a wool topper. A leather hoodie under a down parka -you get it.

    Do you love the looks above? We have a Club Monaco M. Patmos handknit sweater, Rochas cardigan, and  Zara combination long anorak.

    To help you get a head start, we’ve curated some cozy must-have’s available online now:


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    Photo: Rochas, Club Monaco, Zara

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