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  • Beauty Quick Tip: Never let your lipstick linger


    Kisses, not lipstick, should linger…

    I know it’s cool –graphically– to leave a lingering lip print in a photo… but in real life it’s kinda tacky.

    Looking classy is all about the blot!

    Here’s’s what to do: Apply lipstick, blot with a single sheet of tissue, lightly set with face powder.

    nars pencilAdd a second layer of lipstick or gloss and lightly either blot again OR put your index finger in your mouth and pull out so that your finger “grabs” the extra lipstick.

    You’ll be far more chic than leaving a glob of lipstick on your coffee cup, wineglass or napkin.

    The other solution is to use a chunky lipstick pencil (I like Nars) or more matte less goopy lipstick to begin with.

    What’s your quick makeup tip? Tell me in the comments below.

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    Photo repost via @jcrew with @instagrabapp

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