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  • Quick Tip Video: Hang On To Your Youthful Spirit!

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    The #1 way how not to look old and be perceived as relevant is pretty simple.

    Hang on to your youthful spirit!

    There’s nothing that breaks my heart more than when I hear otherwise vital women saying, “I can’t do this, “I can’t wear that,” “for my age,” and other nay saying that olds them back. It usually happens when there is a big life event or around a birthday with a Zero.

    The second you stop living is the second  you start dying.

    Adapt to what life has to offer to suit your shape lifestyle and values of the current time. Look at life through the eyes of a child. More important than clothes is attitude.

    Hang on to your youthful spirit and continue to soar.

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    • The second you stop living is the second  you start dying.
    • Attitude is more important than clothes.
    • Be inspired by looking at life with the eyes of a child.

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