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  • Rachel Zoe Leads the Hollywood Reporter Top Hollywood Stylist List


    From stylist to mega brand

    “A stylist is a behind-the-scenes job,” Rachel Zoe says in the new issue Hollywood Reporter that names her the #1 stylist and has her as its cover girl that hits the stands tomorrow. “I’m never a star when I’m with a star — ever.

    HR tells of Zoe’s amazing ascent from stylist to star to a ground-breaking brand name, and she certainly has done that brilliantly.

    Does Rachel Zoe feel feel the breathe of her style power? “No,” she is quoted in the article. “Oprah is power — she is everything. Martha, she can make a house out of a piece of paper. I have incredible respect for women like that because it’s not easy. People fight you every step of the way — they pull you down as soon as you get up. And the reality is, it’s harder for women. It’s like if a girl has fooled around with a lot of guys, she’s a slut. But if guys do it, they’re cool.”

    After 15 years as a New York fashion stylist myself, I had no regrets when I put my prop kit on a back shelf to explore other opportunities, start my family and launch way back in 1999. Frankly at this point in my life, I’d rather answer your questions and share stylist tips and tricks tips than style a model on a photoshoot or dress a star on a regular basis, but absolutely have the utmost respect for working stylists who make a very tough job look positively glam on on the other side of the scrim.

    It’s an interesting list with some names that many outside of the industry have never heard of, some new faces, some oldies but very vital goodies, and few surprises. Not to mention a few names that are visibly missing but pushing as hard as they can.

    The Hollywood Reporter’s List of the 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood:

    1. Rachel Zoe

    2. Kate Young

    3. Petra Flannery

    4. Jen Rade

    5. Anna Bingeman

    6. Cristina Ehrlich

    7. Deborah Waknin

    8. Elizabeth Stewart

    9. Lesie Fremar

    10. Jeanne Yang

    11. Leith Clark

    12. Estee Stanley

    13. L’Wren Scott

    14. Jessica Paster

    15. Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn

    16. Maryann Malakpour

    17. Tanya Gill

    18. Tiina Laakonen

    19. George Kotsiopoulos

    20. Nicole Chavez

    21. Annabel Tollman

    22. Brad Goreski

    23. June Ambrose

    24. Samantha McMillen

    25. Simone Harouche


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    Photo: HollywoodReporter

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