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  • Real Housewives of New York Reunion Recap with Jill Zarin, Gossip and Men’s Grooming Tips from Brad Boles


    Part 3: Front and center with Jill Zarin as we watch the first installment of the 3-part ôThe Real Housewives of New York Cityö reunion show together at her tony digs in The Hamptons

    Breathless with Brad Boles, I think I should name his column that as never a dull moment of gossip and beauty with everybody’s favorite Gay Husband about town.– S.H.

    The twisted lives of öThe Real Housewives of New York City!ö Who’s hot and who’s not. Who knows if you may or may not be seeing Simon van Kempen‘s fashion disasters or Alex McCord’s new attitude, when filming begins for next season? I’m just saying that there is a line in the sand and nobody is speaking to each other. Even though its hot out here in The Hamptons, the air is freezing around these ladies!

    Let’s take a minute to talk about ôThe Real Housewives of New York Cityö reunion show that I got to see with my friend and favorite ôHousewife,ö Jill Zarin the other night. If you missed the episode, don’t worry because Bravo is rerunning the show like mad.

    Of course Jill’s husband Bobby Zarin and their lovely daughter Ally were there to watch the reunion rumble. I brought my guy’s guy metrosexual correspondent Rob Siegel along for the ride… scroll down for his men’s grooming tips.

    Now remember, even the Housewives have to wait to see the show when it airs on TV, just like you and me… there no special previews for the ladies.

    Bobby popped open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and we all watched the train wreck of a reunion show… what drama there was this season.
    I can’t help but wonder why Kelly Killoren Bensimon was completely silent until the last 15 minutes of the reunion show? Guess Kelly thought Bethenny Frankel might kill her! And what was Bethenny wearing?! She looked like a Christmas package– that over-the-top dress was not the best choice for a sit down!

    Jill was such a lady in the way that she handled BethennyĹs acid tongue. Jill did truly come to the table and try and make the messy state of affairs right. Watching the reunion with her makes me realize how sweet and special Jill can be. She still misses Bethenny and hated all the fights in Season 3.

    Ramona Singer held her own but then she came down hard on Jill, which was not easy for me to watch. Alex seemed to cower on the edge of the sofa except for when she managed to throw in a few nasty comments. For the life of me, I cannot understand why any of these women want to be in the same room!

    Andy Cohen love’s his Housewives and he had that wicked ôcat who got the mouseö look when Jill said, ôI’M DONEö and stormed off the set. Then at one point, Kelly stormed off the set but that didn’t get a rise out of Andy! Oh lord the drama never ends!

    Enough of gossip, this week’s beauty tip is all about Men’s Grooming:

    Rob Siegel, my metrosexual correspondent

    Rob Siegel, my metrosexual correspondent

    Lets talk about male grooming, well except for Simon. The men on ôThe Real Housewives of New York Cityö are fairly well put together and nicely groomed as a whole. This credo of looking polished and put together is paramount when choosing my male friends.

    My friend Rob Siegel has mastered the art of impeccable male grooming. Just for you ladiesŚand for the men out there who could really use his straight guy grooming tips– I’ve taken Rob on as my metrosexual correspondent to share some of his straight guy secrets to looking hot in the sizzling summer.

    Rob is perfectly groomed at all times and tells me that ôreal menö are metrosexuals and work hard at taking good care of themselves. Appearance is just not just about the way you dress, but face first with a great skin care and beauty regimen.

    He believes well-groomed hands and feet require a weekly mani-pediŚ that takes the word mani to a whole new level! Sharon is not thrilled on this tip as she fears too much shine on a man’s nails can make him look like a garmento.

    However, to each his own as Rob likes a clear coat of polish with his pedicure for a little yummy sexy shine. ôIt’s one step to perfection when wearing your Prada sandals at those weekly house parties and charity benefits or when having cocktails around the pool, playing tennis or surfing the waves,ö so the guy is busy with pretty feet.

    Rob applies SPF, whether its sun block or tanning oil, often and never forgets applying sunscreen to his lips. Whether you have a girlfriend or are looking to find one, no Hamptons hottie wants to kiss crackly, dry lips.

    Gentlemen, don’t forget about your hair in the summer sun too. Rob uses Barex Italiana Sun Essentials sunscreen for the hair. Who knew?!

    I love a confidant man and you should too, so crack the whip ladies and get your men in shape for some summer fun! Who says you can’t have it all?

    Ladies, while all your men were doing the man thing and watching the World Cup Rob had his bid on USA Captain Carlos Bocanegra. Perhaps, I should take up the sport?

    See you out east! ľ Brad Boles

    Photos: Courtesy Brad Boles

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