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    Gossip, Gossip, Gossip in The Hamptons: New Jersey and New York Housewives, Rolls-Royce, Polo, A-List Celebrities, and even more reality stars!

    The Hamptons were crawling with Real Housewives from New York and New Jersey (together!), tons of major A-List stars, and more reality show stars than you could fill the parking lot that was presently full of a Rolls-Royce or two or three.

    Brad Boles was there and is breathless to share his Hamptons high times and celebrity gossip with us. –S.H.

    Housewife Extravaganza!

    The weekend out East started with a fabulous party hosted by my girl Jill Zarin at Lilly Pond in East Hampton. The Real Housewife form New York City’s equally wonderful houseguest Caroline Manzo and her daughter Dina Manzo, from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

    Brad  & his reality TV babes: Britny Gastineau, Dina Manzo, Lisa Gastineau, Jill Zarin, Caroline Manzo

    Brad & his reality TV babes: Britny Gastineau, Dina Manzo, Lisa Gastineau, Jill Zarin, Caroline Manzo

    The place was packed with the likes of Georgina Bloomberg – that’s New York Mayor Bloomberg‘s daughter– and man of the weekend, NBA basketball star Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat who seemed to be everywhere!

    BTW: Ramona Singer talked Caroline’s ear off all night long… I can’t imagine what they could have in common other than being part of the Real Housewives franchise?




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    Expensive cars, mega celebrities and a Kardashian:

    Here's a high-rolling parking lot!

    Here’s a high-rolling parking lot!

    On Saturday things really kicked into high gear. The day started with a party for RollsRoyce. Jill, Caroline, Bobby and I took the new Rolls-Royce Ghost for a spin!

    The event crowd was stellar– with the likes of Alec Baldwin, Chris Bosh, the ever-gorgeous Caymanian model Selita Ebanks, and Russell Simmons hanging out.

    After rolling with Rolls-Royce, it was off to Bridgehampton Polo as a guest of Todd Rome who’s company Blue Star Jet is the polo field’s sponsor.



    I ran into Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy Scott Disick there. Now mind you, it was almost 102 degrees even in the VIP Swag Lounge! In that crazy heat, Scott was wearing a jacket. “Why, “Jill asked, “why?”

    "Because I look good," Scott replied. Ok, whatever Scott, maybe your internal thermometer is different than the rest of ours!

    Bethenny Frankel was at the event and looked slim and sexy in a black and white number with a big hat fit for Ascot! She gave me a hug and I’m not sure why.

    Metrosexual extraordinaire Rob Siegel joined me in the Blue Star Enclosure with the likes of my divine and outrageously funny friend George Wayne. I know George as GW, you may know him as the guy with the scandalous column in Vanity Fair Magazine. Boy, did we have a laugh reminiscing about rather unique interview situation that GW had with Ariana Huffington many years ago that had him speed dialing Graydon Carter!

    The next stop was in East Hampton and over to London Jewelers for the jewelry launch of my girlfriend Lisa Gastineau and her sexy daughter Brittny‘s new collection. What a beautiful pair mom and daughter are and an equally stunning collection of jewelry.

    FYI: Jill and I appeared in Season 2 of “The Gastineau Girls” as I decorated their apartment right down to a Moroccan dining room along with Zarin Fabrics.

    I bumped into Caroline’s sister Dina Manzo and she told me that she hightailed it out of NJ for the tony East End… it looks like she is having the best time and wants an ocean front estate next summer!

    By the time we left the Gastinau event, Jill’s feet were in such bad shape that Bobby had to get the car while Jill, Caroline and Ally sat on a bench on the street with shoes in hand. Boy, the fans were loving that photo op! That’s kind or ironic since Sharon’s feet were mutilated by her shoes when we met at Fashion Night Out… could I be responsible for killing woman’s feet?!

    More High Rollers…

    Next stop was the Watermill Summer Benefit where I couldn’t stay for dinner but shared a catch up with Sharon Stone.

    The last time that I saw the gorgeous Sharon was at Les Caves Du Roy in ST. Tropez. The fabulous Sharon (yes, our FocusOnStyle Sharon here is equally fabulous!) was dancing on a table top with Denise Rich and Dame Shirley Bassey all the while Rupert Everett and I dished about what happened when he worked with Madonna on the filming of “The Next Best Thing.” Anyway, they have since made up and that’s all history.

    Then it was off to ART FOR LIFE BENEFIT hosted by Russell Simmons. The East End hasn’t seen this many singers and producers on one manicured lawn in years! Alicia Keys was there and looked amazing with her baby bump. I ran into the ever-glamorous Kelly Killoren Bensimon… does that girl ever stop?

    Bombay Sapphire sponsored the event and the valet was parking was jammed with Rolls-Royce’s, Bentley’s, Maserati’s and Lamborghini Diablo’s that it filled three tree lined lane’s– on both right and left side! It took over forty minutes to get my car.

    Stylist for a one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey…

    Love these sunglasses

    Love these sunglasses

    On Sunday morning, Jill rang me up with a pressing fashion emergency. It turns out Caroline Manzo has slimmed down so much that nothing fits. She was booked on the Isaac Mizarhi show the following morning and needed something fab to wear.

    We dashed off to the Diane Von Furstenburg boutique in Southampton. The first dress that I pulled was the one… I’m talking RED CARPET perfect. After a bit more shopping, Jill and I spent the afternoon jet skiing in Mecox Bay with a stop by from GW on his way back to New York City to interview Jimmy Fallon for Vanity Fair. And, how was your weekend?

    My fashion tip this week for the ladies…

    With this insanely hot weather, hats are the fashion must-have item of the week. My picks for the summer are big floppy brims in bold colors. Throw on a fab pair of sunglasses like the ones from DVF with the glitter lips on the side.


    Ladies, I know it’s hot but please loose the Birkenstocks… they are so Linda Evangilista 10 years ago! Go for a hot pair of Hermes sandals adorned with a big H or anything less granola.

    Metrosexual Fashion Tips From Rob Siegel…

    Some of the best-dressed men this weekend rocked some sleek and chic hats and accessories.

    Rob’s makeover choice of the week is Chris Barrons lead singer of the SPIN DOCTORS who headlined the Rock the Farm Benefit this weekend in Amagansett. People say that he looks a lot like me! Rob says in the face at least… but certainly NOT in the way I dress! Rob is threatening to do a makeover on the guy and turn him into my twin! How scary would that be to have two Brads on the loose? Don’t worry Rob, I’ll find your twin and do a makeover on him, then there would be two of you for me to choose from! Wishful thinking…

    We will see you out east soon! Brad Boles


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