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Retail Remedy: New shop to focus on foreign & lesser known trendy designers

A REALM is a dominion of a monarch or other sovereign ruler.

It is also happen to be the name of the new high fashion boutique that just opened in the heart of New York’s SOHO at 98 Greene Street by Randi Jacobson.

Blake Lively at the Realm boutique opening

Blake Lively at the Realm boutique opening

The idea of the boutique came to Randi after being unable to get access to less known trendy designers that dwell outside of US.

Jacobson decided to represent them in New York and establish her own REALM where she rules fashion.

The store is spacious and eclectic. Last week there was an official opening fit to a queen: from the East there was Olga Rakhova a Russian supermodel, from the west Alexandra Richards, the daughter of one of the Stones named Keith, she provided the music for the party. Gossip Girl – Blake Lively showed up dressed to the REALM representing USA glamour.

The whole world is the REALM.

Not all of us may have the chance to be in New York to stop by the boutique, so I was fortunate enough to have Jacobson share some tips for the fashion conscious about what she will be stocking and what you may be coveting into the holiday season. I hope you will enjoy them…

Randi Jacobson’s Five Favorite Trends for Fall/Winter 2010

1. Crystal embellishments

Crystal embellishments are the perfect way to add sparkle into your life. Whether on a handbag, a wrist cuff, or a pair of gloves, I especially love my accessories to always have that special detail to make it pop.

Alexis Mabille Bow Clutch

Alexis Mabille Bow Clutch

2. Silk lace camisoles

Nothing feels more special and lavish against ones’ skin than a silk lace camisole. They are a staple of my wardrobe. They go great with a high-waisted skirt and blazer, or even just a pair of jeans and a cardigan. Just knowing that a little bit of the French-lace trim might poke out is reason enough to keep a mysterious smile on your face.

3. Zippers

I love zippers as an embellishment on anything. I think zippers evoke the edginess and sexiness of the Soho woman. My favorite interpretations of this trend are a black leather jacket with zippers racing across the entire front, and a vintage pair of leather gloves with subtle zipper accents at the wrist.

4. Cashmere

Rich, decadent blends of cashmere are always a go-to when the weather gets colder. The fabric just exudes luxury… and confidence.

5. A corset belt

A corset belt can be that extra little thing to pull together an outfit. Instead of reaching for a necklace or a ring, a waist-cinching corset belt can compliment both traditional and modern looks. –Roland Levin

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