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  • Red Carpet Jewelry: Dripping in Diamonds at the Grammy’s

    Katy Perry

    Yiddish Stage Comedy was pretty hilarious, or at least as Grandma remembered. One of my favorites jokes, or Jewish folk tales, if you will, is Mrs. Rabinowitz Goes to the Portrait Painter.

    “Mr. Painter,” Mrs. Rabinowitz asks, “I want you to paint me dripping in jewels.”
    “I want a diamond tiara on my head. I want earrings as big as hummingbirds and bursting with rubies. I want a necklace like Marie Antoinette. Huge rings on every finger. A diamond bracelet with my diamond watch and don’t forget a big brooch with every stone in it!”

    “But Mrs. Rabinowitz,” the portrait painter says, “you are not wearing any jewelry other than a simple gold wedding band. Why do you want me to paint all this imaginary jewelry in your portrait?”

    Mrs. Rabinowitz looks incredulously at the painter and says, “Because when I drop dead my husband’s second wife should go to her grave looking for all of it!” Bah bum bum.

    Mrs. Rabinowitz would find inspiration at last night’s 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards, for sure.

    The Grammy’s are usually the more “fun” red carpet as musicians are known to push that envelope as far as they can when it comes to style. Well, last night, there certainly was plenty of red carpet elegance in the mix. It was very glam indeed and dripping in jewels, particularly diamonds, as The Diamond Information Center would like us to note.

    Jennifer Hudson

    Jennifer Hudson


    Katy Perry, pictured, kissed a girl and got the diamond mother lode with a H.Stern vintage diamond bracelet, a diamond Sofia bangle

    bracelet, and a floral diamond ring to all go with her Jacob & Co. six-stone Princess-Cut diamond drop earrings. Perry’s pink gown from Middle Eastern designer Basil Soda was an embellished and “Crystal Carrington,” oh so “Dynasty” 1982 lux moment.

    Jennifer Hudson was chic and elegant in her origami-pleated RM by Roland Mouret cocktail dress worn with a duo of diamond bracelets and diamond square earrings–no credits provided. Could they be her own gems? Amazing.


    –February 9, 2009

    Photos, this page only, courtesy of The Diamond Information Center

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