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  • Red Carpet Your Way: Try these celebrity style accents at home!


    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Red carpet your way style inspiration a la Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Claire Danes at the S.A.G. Awards

    It’s so easy to dismiss what you see on the red carpet as a fantasy that will never fit into your real life. But, use what you see as an inspirational launch point to punch up your personal style.  As I tell the ladies in the C’est Chic Crash Course, the nuance is in the details, so let’s get to it!

    Feminine Spin On A Tuxedo


    ann tay;or tuxedo jumpsuit

    I love a spin on tuxedo dressing as a super feminine way to dress. Yes, menswear on a woman can be very sexy.

    We saw Emma Stone’s tuxedo look last week, and Julia Roberts is no stranger to a tuxedo suit, but her look at last night’s S.A.G. Awards got me really wanting a tuxedo jumpsuit in my own wardrobe.

    After surfing the Interwebs, tuxedo jumpsuits were still plentiful, even this far after the holidays.  Wearing a sleeveless version like this AnnTaylor Tuxedo jumpsuit, above, bares enough exposed skin without going low-cut like Julia’s version.



    An Unexpected Evening Belt


    Adding a simple belt, makes something bare, Like Claire Danes dress, above, instantly look more polished and elegant.

    Think of clever ways to wear a belt, like over your coat or to tzuj up your basics with an unexpected accent. A chic and clean satin style like this Fausto Puglisi belt adds shape and color to an outfit without any unnecessary hardware to compete with the rest of your outfit’s lines.


    A Body Chain

    body chain- go jane

    The super sexy appeal of body chains can be intimidating. Just look at Jennifer Aniston’s WOW version above.

    BUT…. why not wear a body chain to add some unexpected interest to a very simple outfit? Maybe a black turtleneck, or a simple sheath dress like Leaf It Be Body Chain Body Chain is worn the e-shop example. Really, why not? It’s a fun way to switch out something that you’ve probably worn the same way a million times. Try it!


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