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  • I’ll Have What She’s Having: Rashida Jones and the strong red lip

    Rashida Jones -

    Red lipstick at the ready… how to rock ruby lips for summer and all year round…

    In this economy, we’re big on finding something small that makes a major and lasting impact on your style. And a tube of ruby red lipstick may just do the glam trick!

    Case in point: The very glam and very understated chic of Rashida Jones pictured here. No frou-frou Hollywood fussiness for her. Just all the right things that make a simple look sizzle.

    Rashida’s strong ruby red lips are the focal point , not a distraction to her beauty. Simple, undone pulled back hair, a natural bronzey glow, black lashes, and that vibrant pow of a very strong red lip! That’s all she needs to make a statement.

    And that’s something that you should consider in your beauty arsenal.

    When you wear bold makeup– like red lipstick– that should be the one attention maker on your face. No weirdo orange fake tan, no excess of eye makeup, not side swiped by the blush van, no gimmicky hair. It’s all about the lips, that’s it.

    Modern elegant beauty is something that you can look back on in time and still find attractive, not garish and dated. Think about it. Less is more when it comes to looking gorgeous and Rashida Jones nailed it! So should you too.

    Red Lipstick Shopping Guide:Photo Credit: David Gabber / PR Photos


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