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  • Red Belt, But What Shoes And A Purse

    Red Belt, But What Shoes And A Purse

    Q:Help needed! I found a great red belt to wear with my jeans. My dilemma though is this…what shoes do I wear?

    I always thought your belt and should match your shoes and purse…does this mean I have to buy some red shoes???? If so, besides a boot, what type of shoe would work? (San Diego, CA)


    Yaaaaaawn! Sweetness, there is nothing more boring than fashion gone overly literal. Jeans are casual, don’t get so serious with them.

    Red, or any other vivid color, should be used as an accent. Excessively matching a bold color looks ridiculous.

    Scratch the matchy-matchy by starting to think out of the fashion box. Build personal style that’s more spontaneous and ultimately more interesting.


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