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  • Retail Remedy: Madison Avenue windows, uptown NY style

    All tied up with Christian Louboutin

    Carolina Herrera, Christian Louboutin, and Michael Kors Madison Avenue windows…

    When you want to look pretty, timeless yet fresh, and elegant Carolina Herrera is a designer who quickly comes to mind, just think about Rene Zellwegger on the red carpet and the oh-so-lovely florals in the latest Madison Avenue windows.

    Caution: The Christian Louboutin windows may cause acute hyperventilation in combination with random donkey kicking to any shoe addict. How insanely beautiful are the Christian Louboutin python wedges or the Dorothy in the Land of Oz glittery pumps??? Amazing.


    How is in the air with the tan strapless dress and its major bow… actually there are plenty of loves to consider the the Michael Kors window display.


    Photo gallery to follow.

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