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  • It or Miss? Rhianna Two-tone hair color and button earrings

    Rihanna at the 2010 NBA - Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers

    We actually don’t mind a bit of edge with dramatically different two-tone hair colors, like platinum blonde and jet black.

    Rihanna’s half brassy blonde, half brunette number doesn’t seem to carry that much style impact for us.

    Rihanna is continuing her infatuation with the eighties with this hairstyle, but we really didn’t love it then and sure don’t love it now.

    However, we are rather interested in her button earrings, another eighties, throwback that we do approve of, especially with the combination of a crisp white shirt.

    But the hair color? Is it an It or a Miss? Would you intentionally go have brassy blonde ? Do share..

    Photo: Image of Sport / PR Photos

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