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  • Richard’s Euroflash: Purple Reign, Italian Street Style


    What They Are Wearing in Rome and Naples:

    During my recent jaunt to Italy, I couldn’t help but notice that purple is the new black for Italians of all ages this season. The royal fashion color reigns supreme on everything from plaid lilac blouses to purple purses.

    In Rome and Naples, the moped ragazzi hit the street running in molto breve short skirts with purple leggings or tights showing a lot of thigh.

    Modified cowboy boots (Italians are known for their fabuluso take on Spaghetti Western boots), softened motorcycle boots, and the neo-classic Hogan â€~orthopedic chic’ metallic oxfords are the hot footwear looks of the moment.

    The more casual Neapolitans are wearing low-slung jeans hugging the hips with wide belts and what only Italians can make look chic, topsiders! Shop windows have an 80’s Fiourucci influence with lot’s of crazy, neon bright colors.

    There’s the old Italian saying, ” Go to Naples and then you die,” but for now it’s the to-die-for fab fashion in Naples.

    Take a look at our Italian Street fashion photo gallery below. – Richard, The Paris Insider (this week reporting from Naples and Rome, Italy)

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    –October 31, 2008

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