Sale Shopping Strategy- it’s that time of year to reward yourself!

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I couldn’t resist doing this live video and sharing my sale shopping strategy and why you should think of end of the season sales as incentive shopping to boost your wardrobe.

It was a cold day in New York City and I’m still trying to shake the flu but nothing gets me out earlier than a great sample sale, especially when it’s for a few good wardrobe boosting pieces. I’m often asked about how to wear good clothes, and truthfully my look is a combo of designer, mixed with fashion forward pieces from cheaper stores like Zara (especially when I work from home), and some vintage thrown in.

But it’s the more high end pieces that  you can get for a steal that are the secret to a stunning look, particularly when you are attending a business event, speaking from the stage, or for a special night out. Watch this quickie video to see my shopping strategy and take a little walk me through SoHo .

❤️👠Incentive shopping … thoughts to make things happen + how to buy great clothes on sale. Hello from SoHo!!!
Fast notes on style + a Super Bonus:

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Before we go any further, y’all know I raised by a mother who lived and breathed Loehmann’s so discount designer clothing is in my DNA. If you have the knack, mixing high and low pieces with edge makes for a look that has that special something you can’t quite put your finger on. The key is avoiding missy midrange styleless pieces… so go high end (on sale) or go trendy cheap but stay far away from blah.

When you invest in good pieces that are timeless and chic you get a much longer wear out of them, always look elegant, can style them up with cheapy trend pieces, and scarf up the special statement pieces on sale to tzuj it up.

Now is the time to keep your eyes open for sales.

When you spot something that you love and it looks great on you but don’t have an immediate “need” for it, buy it. You will build a wardrobe of great pieces and always have something in your closet when you need it. That way you will avoid last minute freak-outs that you have nothing to wear when the occasion arises and ultimately save money and time because you won’t be scurrying around at the last minute buying anything because you’re desperate. And no one will know you bought the outfit on sale unless you tell them, like I’m telling you (wink).

Then there’s what I call incentive shopping, once you have that special item that lights you up, you will find the reason to wear it. So if it’s a dress that looks great speaking from the stage, you’ll be more inclined to get more speaking gigs, if it’s something that’s TV friendly, you’ll pitch more media, if it screams, “I want to go dancing, ” well let the fancy footing begin. I promise the right clothes will motivate you to reach your goals, boost your confidence, and step into your star power like nobody’s business.

So if you need some style direction, I’ve got you covered with quick motivational style tips in my new book, StyleWord:Fashion Quotes For Real Style, and in my signature style mentoring program where you will learn how to think like a stylist and style up to your success, your way with me virtual coaching you throughout the eight weeks.

Oh, I found these items online from my shopping score today- an Emilia Wickstead red dress and Tabitha Simmons ankle wrap block heel pumps.

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