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  • We Heart Sarah Jessica Parker’s Pendant Necklace


    Size does matter when it comes to SJP’s jewelry choice!

    Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out last night for her Bravo’s "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist" reality TV show and we think her choice of jewelry was a work of art!

    While SJP’s "major" heart pendant– on a very chunky chain– was almost old school rapper huge, it’s rough-hewn, hammered texture and antique finish tone it down to be modern and chic.

    Citrine by the Stones Dulce Amor Necklace doubles as a belt!

    Citrine by the Stones Dulce Amor Necklace doubles as a belt!

    A largish, statement-making pendant necklace works so well with spring to summer fashion and is a perfect pairing for drapey tops or simple T-shirts.

    One is all you need when wearing something this large, do be careful to avoid the tired bling feel and opt for something less shiny— let the size stand out on its own.

    SJP is a style maverick and can master almost anything, but the extra-huge size of her pendant necklace may be tough for you to pull off. Instead, go for a bold but not necessarily super-sized pendant for just about the same effect, but far more manageable.

    If you do decide on a super chunky pendant necklace, be creative and try one that you can also wear as a belt for double-duty! For the ultimate in double-up pleasure, we love the Dulce Amor Necklace / Belt by Citrine by the Stones, pictured right.

    If the heart shape is too girly for you, there are plenty of interesting shapes out there this season. A large disc, tusk, key, or any graphic and clean shape will do the style trick.

    We’ve pulled a few pendant necklaces in different sizes for you to review. Try one, you may like it!


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