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  • First Sarah Jessica Parker, now Blake Lively sports the fugliest Loubes

    Christian Louboutin "Alex"

    Help, I’m a celebrity and I’ll wear anything for attention!

    I’m sorry, but in my opinion, you really MUST be a fashion victim to find these “lion paw” shoes remotely attractive.  We’re not really fans of  designer damning around here, but these Christian Louboutin “Alex” pumps are for the birds.

    People see doctors to cure themselves of this

    First, Sarah Jessica Parker sported them in Moscow this summer and now Blake Lively is wearing them on the set of Gossip Girl. All I can say is that it’s the one year anniversary of my foot surgery and I don’t even think my feet looked that bad post op.

     RadarOnline says they cost about $5,000…. Would you wear these?

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    Photos via buzzfoto, radar,

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