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  • Sassy Casual? What to wear to a wedding when the dress request is confusing…


    Q: Sassy Casual, what in the world does that mean?

    I’ve been invited to a wedding and the dress code is “sassy casual.” The 5:00PM wedding takes place in a fancy hotel in Southern California in October. The invitation says that no children are allowed. What in the world do I wear?

    A:Got me! It sounds like the party planners are trying their darndest to out cute themselves with some convoluted and hokey wedding dress code that needs a bit of decoding. The effort may be for some good ‘ol fun but the wording sounds truly confusing to me.When in doubt about what to wear to a wedding– and not feel like a fish out of water– it is always best to simply ask a member of the wedding. If that person is not around, ask the family of the newlyweds-to-be.

    I am guessing that sassy casual must mean to wear some “fun# type of non-formal attire that’s a bit bold. A flowy maxi dress maybe? Honestly, I have no idea and I’m not very good with themes.

    Frankly, the word sassy and casual in the same sentence frightens me. I think of some guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt with his date in a saucy skort and toting a Dora the Explorer backpack!

    If you cannot get a handle on what this dress code really means, I would err on the side of chic. Dress in something simple and non-structured, with a more laid-back California vibe than a tailored city piece. I see silk or jersey layers with a breezy feel.

    What I particularly find confusing is that in all this sassiness, no children are allowed? I prefer to think that children are part of family and extension of sharing your joyous day. It’s their wedding, but for me, I foresee neon-colored drinks with dopey names and a conga line. Have fun!


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