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    Miu Miu’s new twist for the classic scarf

    We all know that there must be 101 ways not to wear a silk scarf.

    The big, silk square draped over your shoulders adds 20 frumpy years.

    Forget about scarf pins- they’re a dowdy giveaway that your vote was with “I like Ike”.

    French women do master the eternally chic scarf twirl around their neck. But when bouillabaisse is not in your blood, it becomes tricky.

    Leave it to Prada to infuse new life into the staid ladylike classic. Go ahead, steal this Miu Miu styling trick: Twist a silk scarf around your croc purse handle. Allora! Instant style. Add a pair of gloves and you’ve just updated your look.

    Don’t have a crocodile bag? Grab a vintage one… the scarf is the perfect cover-up for a handle that’s worse from wear.

    –October 19, 2003