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  • Sexpert Chic Valentine’s Day: How to pull off a convincing burlesque strip tease

    Gentry and the Great Champagne Glass

    Tonight’s the night! In honor of Valentine’s Day please revisit our Best of Sexpert Chic series, a new post every day until V-Day!

    Sexy Fridays, Valentine’s Day series…”Vintage glamour, French lingerie, and burlesque strip tease go hand in hand.

    How to fling, flutter, and take it all off with these Burlesque Seduction Tips from Gentry Lane, artistic director of Gentry de Paris Burlesque Revue

    Part Four of a Weekly Four Part series

    French lingerie, seductive silk, and tips to tease

    More often than not, what you don’t see is more exciting than what you do see.

    Gentry Lane - uberglam!


    Because your imagination is always racier than reality.

    Which is why slipping into one of our 1930s-style nuisettes is so utterly sexy. Because bias cut silk clings to curves and falls gracefully when you move. And satin’s natural sheen catches and reflects the light as well any MGM movie set. And it’s wonderful to slip into something comfortable and wake up looking like a movie star.

    Vintage style and burlesque strip tease go hand in hand, but how to combine the two without looking silly?

    The art of the burlesque strip tease.

    There are three obligatory rules to pull of a convincing burlesque strip:

    1. Maintain a confident, playful regard. Keep eye contact with your partner or linger in a dreamy, upward glance. The trick is to not take yourself too seriously, yet be completely comfortable and matter-of-fact that you’re on a mission to seduce.

    2. Opera-length gloves and fully fashioned stockings are the best investment you can make. The slow and deliberate removal of long silky gloves is excruciatingly delicious. And don’t forget to point your toe when you slip your stocking off inch by inch. Fling it away and watch it flutter to the ground like a pro.

    3. Go slow! The trick is in the tease. The longer it takes to disrobe, the higher the anticipation mounts. You can tell if you’re doing it right if your partner is ready to pounce before you’ve even started unlacing your corset.

    Gentry, the final pose

    Always err on the side of elegance and know that it’s just as easy to slip into a lace camisole as it is an old t-shirt. Vintage Hollywood glamour meets timeless French sophistication chez Gentry de Paris. And with lingerie and loungewear so beautiful, why bother to get dressed? — Gentry Lane, Gentry de Paris

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    Original publish date February 13, 2009









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