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    Sharon Stone stars in new Christian Dior skincare campaign

    Sharon Stone will star in a worldwide print ad campaign for Parfums Christian Dior beginning in spring 2006.

    You bet, I’ve had a narcissistic eye for all references to the name Sharon since I could remember.

    First, there was that infectious James Darren ditty, “I Ain’t Sharin’ Sharon,” track number 32 on his Teenage Tears album which I imagine only my parents could hum. I would learn that melodically, Sharon was also neither shared by Bobby Darin nor Hank Williams Jr.

    Then, there was Sharon Tate. “My Sharona” was cute, but overused by some boyfriend wannabes. So by the time I first noticed Sharon Stone’s modeling headshot back when I was starting out as a stylist, I was relieved that this Sharon was neither hokey nor tragic.

    Fast forward to no other impressive Sharon to mention, short of Ariel, Sharon Stone, the Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner, Academy Award nominee and humanitarian continues to shine.

    It was officially announced today, that Ms. Stone, who was recently filming Basic Instinct 2 in London, will star in a worldwide print ad campaign as the face for the Parfums Christian Dior Capture skincare line beginning in spring 2006.

    “Sharon was chosen because of her worldwide appeal as a beautiful and desirable woman in her 40’s, who is clever and independent,” says Claude Martinez, President/CEO of Parfums Christian Dior.

    What would be even more wonderful, would be that if every time a woman with a little life behind her sails was mentioned, a reference to her age was not etched in stone. C’est la vie…

    Sharon Haver
    –October 4, 2006

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