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  • If The Shoe Fits, Glow With It…

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    Better Yet, Just Glow!

    If The Shoe Fits, Glow With It… Better Yet, Just Glow! Our kind of high maintenance.

    Not for nothing, but…

    Place: Bergdorf Goodman’s The Finals shoe clearance.

    Atmosphere: Frenzied, panic-stricken shoppers, desperate to find their size.

    Scene: Woman admiring her high-heeled splendor in the mirror while contemplating how many pairs of stilettos to buy.


    She Thinks Aloud: “Don’t Manolo Blahnik’s just light up a room?”

    Peanut Gallery: “Yes, they have that reflective quality!” Whatever.

    Our opinion: Reserve high maintenance ditties to be dribbled with something delicious like Star High Maintenance luxury hand and body lotion. Of course, while still maintaining our feet firmly planted in a good pair of slingbacks. Je ne sais quois?

    –January 22, 2002