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  • Shopping burns calories, what’s not to love when you can shop to drop a size?

    Shopping burns calories, what’s not to love?

    Study shows that the rush of shopping may keep your jeans fitting tooI think we have all broken a sweat from the rush of an amazing find, but we are professional shoppers from the day we were old enough to walk into a store.

    Now, there’s proof that shopping is a sport, well so to speak.

    There’s a new study that proves that our “black belt” shopping may have a fitness perk as well.

    “The average woman burns off 48,000 calories a year – just by walking around the shops, the The Daily Mail reports based on a poll of 3,000 women conducted by Skinny Cow low-fat frozen desserts.

    The Daily Mail explains that the average woman makes 132 shopping trips each year which the annual total of walking at a fast pace for 159 hours and 56 minutes. The researchers found that shoppers will burn approximately five calories a minute – a total of 47,700 calories over a 12-month period. That’s the equivalent of 25 days worth of women’s recommended daily intake of 1,940 calories.

    Shoppers are not slow pokes either as two thirds of women polled said they walked briskly around the shops rather than ambled so they could cover more ground. All that racing around the stores left almost seven in ten women feeling completely exhausted after a shopping trip, and six in ten women thought shopping was a great form of exercise.

    Here’s statistic that makes us wonder what conventional fitness programs these shoppers participate in as 52 per cent claimed they felt more tired after a shopping trip than a visit to the gym.

    shopping guides. We certainly don’t recommend shopping in place of regular exercise, but what a wonderful supplement it is!

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