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  • It or Miss: Denim cut-off shorts worn with tights

    It or Miss: Denim cut-off shorts worn with tights

    Shorts + Tights (as seen on the street) = Not So Good…

    It designer Alexander Wang started the runway to real way trend of designer cut-off shorts worn in a neo- grunge, yet very glam way, and boy those denim shorts flew off the racks at the sample sale. And yes, we both reported and loved the look, as pictured left.



    The Wang version works because the shorts are really not that short and more roomy, in a boyfriend fit kind of cool. The tights are dark and monochromatic which makes the leg appear longer, more slender, and edgy in a modern way.

    But then there are the girls on the street, as pictured above…


    First off, only a true fashion victim would wear shorts in a blizzard. These girls have their shorts way too tight, way too skimpy, and way too short… Jessica Simpson, they are not. The bright tights visually hack off their legs and the bright Docs or high-tops in combination only conjure up lousy 80’s flashbacks of the worst of the one hit wonders. These girls did not get the look.


    It or Miss, what do you think?

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