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  • It or Miss: Sienna Miller in Baggy Peg Leg Pants…

    Sienna Miller Launches New Hugo Boss Fragrance

    Peg leg pants, are they modern or an instant fattener upper?

    Hard to imagine fashion individualist Sienna Miller ever looking less than stellar in her style, but we’re scratching our collective chin on this one.

    Here we have Sienna wearing all the right pieces of the moment- boyfriend jacket, loose-fitting nude colered T-shirt, and baggy peg-leg pants in white!

    Our fashion brain loves the look of a fuller pant, but my neurotic personal brain even grapples with the thought of looking mondo when I wear my pegged pants, but I kinda sorta love them just the same.

    Hubby says they are not the most flattering fit, our Alix on the Go went nutso every time she saw them on a fall runway, but what do you say?

    Baggy peg leg pants, are they an It or a Miss? Do tell….


    Solarpix / PR Photos

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