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  • Sienna Miller Rocks a Romper But Can You, Here’s How


    Rompers are right on for summer, but a it’s trend that’s right for just a few unless you MODIFY the look

    Sienna Miller made the cover of the New York Post wearing a cute summer romper but pulling it off is not as easy as it looks.

    I have a sneaking feeling that with all the press Sienna Miller is getting today that she inadvertently put her style icon stamp of approval on rompers.

    Yes, rompers are on trend. Yes, Sienna is the poster girl for BoHo chic. And, yes I have seen more than a few women who passed go on looking like a fashion victim when wearing this super short and girly fashion trend.

    Sienna Miller makes the cover of the NY Post and Page Six in her red romper

    Sienna Miller makes the cover of the NY Post and Page Six in her red romper

    We found the Twenty8Twelve Dern Romper that Sienna is wearing at Shopbop and before you get all copycat crazed, I have a few style tips for you to think about.

    I LOVE the way the actress sets the baby girl look off balance with a pair of lace-up jazz oxford flats, almost like the ones that Jude Law is wearing. She stays true to her BoHo style and has the long, lean, and super tone legs to pull off such a short style with menswear flats, but not everyone can.

    If your legs are not long and lean you probably should skip this look.

    If you are in amazing physical shape but your face is showing the sands of time (hint: you look over 30), you probably should rethink before you romp.

    This is a fashion trend that really only looks great on the young and skinny and simply looks juvenile on the rest of us.

    Look for rompers that fall longer on the leg, like city shorts, and have a more sophisticated rather than girly feel.

    Keep to a shoe with a sturdier sole like a platform wedge, to add leg lengthening height yet counterbalance all the leg bareness.

    Steer away from girly accents like puff sleeves, spaghetti straps, and pastel colors. Look for romper styles that are a bit more coveed on top and have either a drapey or tailored feel.

    If you’re not sure that this is the most flattering trend for you, stick with your gut and try something else- be glad you won’t endure the annoying bathroom dilemma of wearing a onesie!

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it and…

    Photos: ShopBop,superiorpics,NYPost

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