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  • There’s A New Designer Scent To Add To Your Mix- Six Scents Introduces No. 2 Trompe L’oeil with Mary Katrantzou

    Six Scents Series Three

    Six Scents has continually delivered something distinct in the fragrance industry since it was founded in part by Joseph Quartana of seminal boutique Seven New York in 2008 by elevating the art and practice of fragrance.

    By pairing six fashion designers with celebrated perfumers to create limited edition fragrances so heady and intoxicating that they completely stand on their own, they’ve reset the backstory one associates with a fragrance.

    Merging a roster of designers including Juun J, Rad Hourani, Ohne titel, Alexis Mabille and more with an outlining goal to raise awareness and funds for a deserving charity along with offering a new way to engage with scent, the company’s vision makes it a thoroughly original contender in the fragrance arena.

    No.2 Trompe L’oeil, a highlight from series three imagined by Mary Katrantzou & Shyamala Maisondieu, was based on Katrantzou’s memories of summer vacations to evoke a “swinging rooftop garden” with breezes of cakes baking, freshly shampooed hair and fresh sea on the warm summer air.

    Maisondieu notes that she “wanted to create a floral note with a distinctive signature” with mimosa as the main theme with unexpected additions of fruity and citrus facets “to bring colors and life” as Katrantzou’s designs often include a very personal and imaginative perspective.

    The effect is sweet and powdery with subtle layers of familiar notes that feel remarkably well combined to create a fragrance like we’ve never smelled before.

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    Boasting a trundle style box, the packaging for all Six Scents features renderings of each designer portrayed by Robert Knoke.

    Ohne Titel, above. -Naveed Hussain

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