How to pull off skinny pants when you are curvy…

How to pull off skinny pants when you are curvy...

Q:How to pull off skinny pants when you are curvy

Runway looks on a real figure

I have an hourglass body shape with slightly wide hips and I am on the petite side at 5′ 4″ tall.

Can I pull off wearing narrow or skinny leg pants or will I end up looking like a carrot? — Sydney, Australia


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Looking like a carrot? That’s a new one!

Yes, you can wear skinny pants or even the hot again peg leg and pleated pants with a bit of styling modification. As with just about any slightly tough to wear style, there is some degree of tweaking to make it work on you.

Since a narrow pant puts emphasis on the lower part of your leg, a bit of curve in a womanly hip can suddenly look out of proportion by comparison.

What you want to do to create a runway look on a real figure is to create a broader shoulder line, longer leg, and less emphasized midsection. A jacket with modern full shoulders is an excellent start as is keeping to a monochromatic color scheme. A longer tunic top is another option to keep the leg looking lean but distract from being overly curvy.

Platform shoes will create some visual grounding and will be more in balance with a fuller hip. A nude shoe is an alternative to create a longer leg. What you want to do is stay away from ballerina flats that really only look fantastic with skinny pants on more boy-shaped women.

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–May 13, 2009

Runway photos from Carolina Hererra, Michael Kors, and Rock and Republic; Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY – Spring 2009