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  • Slides, mules, backless shoes, they’re back…


    But to some women did slide shoes ever go away?

    The women’s slide shoe makes a fashion comeback! Slides, mules, backless shoes are back on trend -StyleThing!

    Slides, the women’s shoe to literally take a stance on.

    Admittedly, there are some stale pairs of slides in my closet—some rather over-priced pairs, barely worn, yet intrinsically classic backless beauties that I cannot make it out of the house wearing without thinking, do I look like one of the them?

    You know the club of women of a certain age who think clanking around in slides is a sign of sex appeal to an otherwise drab wardrobe, usually involving a pink cardigan. There is typically an over-processed hair color and geranium lipstick involved too. Frankly, I prefer footwear that doesn’t cause a racket when walking down a flight of stairs or an excess of callus build-up from its pounding on the ball of my foot—but, I’m a minority on this shoe trend.

    They definitely have been off the radar for the fashion set, but back in suburbia slides and mules never faltered. One has to wonder if retailers clamored for their fashionable “return” as the “money” shoes for the legions of women who just won’t give up slides and mules. Then there’s always the generation who never had to think about getting their pants hem caught underfoot or wearing hose with backless shoes as a fashion no-no, let alone a slippery disaster waiting to happen.

    Back on trend:

    ‘Nuff said, the modern backless shoe is hot for spring and has redeemed itself to be on the must-have list for many a fashionista and what with Donna Karan and Prada producing some of the most drool-worthy slides, why not?

    On the plus side, the slide shoe trend works rather stylishly with the new femininity in fashion this spring as well as elongating the leg to breathless lengths when worn with an above the knee skirt or slim leg pants.

    Look for slides that play up the safari trend in with mixed skins and textures or a nice chunky platform, stacked heel mule to balance a more athletic frame. The kitten heel, strappy slide looks right again with the floral prints that abound this season, and a taupe platform slide down plays all those brights. There’s a bounty of beautiful styles out there and to a shoe-junkie, even I may indulge in a pair of slides or two!

    Note to those considering those fabu, floor grazing dresses this season, a high-heeled backless shoe worn with it will only conjure up the image of Cousin Tilly from Toledo attending an afternoon wedding at Orville’s Lick and Pick— not pretty. Also not pretty, is squeezing into slides a size to small so your heel hangs off the back—nasty, nasty.

    Please pledge to readdress this shoe style with style… pretty please!!!

    –March 2, 2008

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