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    What Shoe to Wear With What Outfit and When– Shoe Shopping Tips

    Star Jones from ABC television’s The View shares tips about how to select the right pair of shoes

    Dear Sharon: Help! I want some basic rules for shoe shopping. I’m afraid that when it comes to shoes my fashion IQ is zero.

    There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to the shoes, sandals, boots, and flip-flops I see people wearing. The only thing I learned from my mother about shoes is: no open toe or white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. Is this an old school myth, or is this still true?

    Can you wear open toe shoes in the winter? If so, should you wear hose with them or brave the cold? What kind of shoes should you wear with a skirt? Is it okay to wear socks with a skirt if you are going with a casual look or do you always need to wear hose? Are solid tights okay to wear with a short skirt? Are flats completely out? What kind of heel is best?

    As you can see, I really am clueless when it comes to fashion. Any help would be great. I don’t want to be a fashion queen or anything, but I do want to dress as best as possible on my budget. Shoe Be Do – (Shawnee, OK)


    Dear Shoe Be Do: My puzzled princess of pedicured perplexities, sometimes the most basic style questions are the most befuddling. Rules are meant to be broken when it comes to fashion trends, however, a solid fashion base will give you the essential know-how to keep your personal style classically instep.

    Who better to tell it like it is than the celestial diva of shoesStar Jones! I asked Star, co-host of ABC television’s The View (along with Barbara Walters, Merideth Viera, Joy Behar, and, Lisa Ling), former prosecutor, and now Payless’ Chief of Consumer Style to lay the evidence out about what shoes to wear with what, and when.

    Although Star elevates her style on The View with 4″ designer heels, it’s only because she’s walking from the door to the couch. When it comes to her everyday rules for shoes, Star sums it up in two words, “comfort and style” always taking into consideration “quality without paying a lot of money”.

    She’s not a big fan of having one universal rule because it depends on your height, weight distribution, and look of your outfit. What she can tell you is “always live in the truth“.

    Star’s Classic Advice to Discover Your Inner Shoe Diva:

    White Shoes Out of Season– Star’s big personal belief is that white shoes, particularly, white patent, are for Easter Sunday and not the dead of winter. She says she may be a bit old fashioned this way, but she is still a Southern womanů with edge, of course.

    Open Shoes In The Winter– Star wears open shoes year round, except when the temperature dips below freezing because then you look like you are trying too hard, and worse off, you look like you don’t know if you’re coming or going. Be practical!

    Hose With Open-Toe Shoes Or Sandals- Wear closed shoes if you need to wear hose. If the shoes are open, let your feet shine. You probably can get away with hose if the shoe only has a little keyhole toe.

    The Best Shoes for Skirts– Skirts give a tremendous sense of diversity. Depending on the shape, style, and length of skirt, you can choose from boots, sandals, cool clogs, or classic pumps. “Do me a favor,” says Star, “no mini skirt and high heels”.

    Socks With a Skirt– If you are going to a 50’s party or attending parochial grammar school, socks with a skirt are fine, otherwise, no.

    Solid Tights Worn With Short Skirts– Star loves solid tights and says wearing them with flat shoes and short skirts is really happening. Or, consider exploring another new trend and wear retro Nancy Sinatra boots with solid hose and a short skirt.

    Flat Shoes– Flats work for all four seasons-cool flat slide in summer is perfect for the beach and pool. In the fall, a flat loafer, heavy tights, and a nice pair of trousers is a sharp look. This spring, watch out for flat mules as a big trend.

    The Perfect Heel Height– One you can walk in!!

    –March 2, 2002

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