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  • Stay tuned for the 6 o’clock tee shirt…

    T-Post has all the news fit to wear

    T-Post has all the news fit to wear

    Extra, extra, read all about it!!!

    Calling all Newsionistas… get your quirkiest newsy bites right on your t-shirt. T-Post takes dressing smart to a whole other level.

    Billed as the first smart and wearable magazine, each “issue” of the Swedish export, T-Post features an edgy illustrated design on the outside with a quick narrative printed on the inside.

    Available by subscription, girls or guys can look for their cute and canny headlines to arrive in their mailbox every six weeks

    Not exactly hard news, more like thought provoking, scratch your head and ponder graphic tidbits silk-screened on a fashion-friendly American Apparel t-shirt that are sure to be the conversation starter to many a heated debate.

    One question: When you lift your T-Post is it considered a news flash?

    Just asking…

    –June 15, 2007