Street Style Trend Report: Red Coats at Paris Fashion Week

I’ll Have What She’s Having: A suckerpunch of red coats and jackets to add instant WOW to any dreary day

Flame, grenadine, lobster… vivid red coats by any name are the perfect late season into spring style zipper-upper.

Need inspiration to get your wardrobe out of the doldrums? Look no further than these super chic woman snapped at Paris Fashion Week who certainly know how to stand out ahead of the pack from outerwear to suiting. The vivacious shade plays well against black but also in combination with a very non-Christmasy green.

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These AMAZING street style chic ladies are the perfect amalgamation of many of the not only runway, but real way fashion week styles that we’ve been noting and dissecting this month to help you amp your style power.

The Fall 2013 fashion show season began with our color blast ladies of New York Fashion Week and we dare say that COLOR is an international street style trend for outerwear.

Let’s deep dive into each element  of the ladies in red in Paris by clicking on the link that lasers in on its how to:

Belted red coat

Dramatic silhouette switch- Add an instant update to your late season outerwear by simply adding a belt to your coat. The sculpted shape is a runway trend for next Fall 2013. Don’t you love her black socks worn with platforms?!

IMG_4981 copy


Crisp Color Dimension- Paneled color blocking first spotted on the streets of London Fashion Week takes on a slimmer silhouette in Paris. Keep in mind how beautiful volume  also plays well with classic camel paired with tomato red too

Note the continuation of structured bags and colorful clutches first spotted in London.

IMG_4741 copy2

Flirting with Fierce- We’ve spotted (yes, that was a pun) ageless animal print skirts for Parisian business chic, very downtown leopard pants in London, and here we have our animal print as an accent to red mixed with mint. It’s quite a tricky combination to pull off with ease, but when done right looks both fun and sophisticated.


Wild Things- Some of the best coats from NY were crazy color and pattern furry throw-of-things. If you wanted chic and textural attention, look no further than the plush + furry accents of our Paris ladies from earlier. The woman above nabbed the trend head on with a whimsical boa and an 80s inspired structered hat…. a milinary deviation from the boyfriend beanies in London and turbans and pompoms in Paris.

I hope you’ve been inspired by our amazing Fashion Week street style ladies and how to incorporate their looks into your wardrobes. There’s more exciting trends to come. Share what YOU would liek to see in the comments below.

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Photos: Frances J Davison

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