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  • How to Wear It Week! How to style a white T-shirt

    WARDROBE STAPLE white t collage

    This week’s summer spotlight is How to Wear It Week. Let’s look at different ways to wear everybody’s wardrobe stable.

    3 ways to dress up or dress down your favorite piece of clothing

    I don’t know about you but I spend a good amount of time wearing classic T-shirts.

    They are easy, timeless, and I love the utilitarian edge that holds everything else together. If there’s one workhorse item in your closet, it should be a white T-shirt. Be it designer or the kind that comes out of a pack.

    One of the ladies in a marketing group that I’m in asked me how to style T-shirts. Nicely, maybe for work and casual. So here goes it, in this installment of how to wear it, three ways to dress up or dress down your favorite piece of clothing. And, if you need cleaning tips on how to care of white clothing, look right this way.

    addm polish to everyday jeans

    Dress Up Your Skinny jeans for an instantly polished runaround look as it’s too easy to look shlumpy. A pair of proper shoes, and a quick throw of a long scarf add instant panache. Need more polish? Nothing beats a finely tailored jacket to take this look up to a whole other sophisticated level.

    Heading over to your favorite coffee house to work? Sub your purse for a well styled iPad case. And there you have good to go outfit that’s perfect for the work from home entrepreneur.

    CLICK for shopping inspiration:

    dress down a BOLD SKIRT

    Dress down a bold skirt by anchoring it with a white T-shirt. You know that skirt that often seems a bit too-too with everything else? Tone down the madness and up the accessories. Toss something equally classic, and unexpected, like a cool moto jacket over your shoulder.

    Try a satchel bag without any hardware as not to compete with the pattern or your jacket. Add strappy sandals and an interesting, but lightweight, necklace to bring the eye up.

    Voila, that bold skirt just got a very wearable lease on life.

    CLICK for ideas on how to dress down a bold skirt:

    Make pajama pants street chic

    Either dressy or super casual, silky pajama pants get street chic with the help of an equally comfy white T-shirt. Here’s where you can get in trouble- pairing two pieces that make you want to snuggle up and take a nap.

    Accessories, especially ones with hard angles to balance the drappiness (or sloppy potential) of your PJ’s and T. Try a sexy wedge and a pair of glam cat eyeglasses for a more refined, dressy look. And, don’t forget a belt to hold the line together and add substance.

    For a super casual runaround outfit that doesn’t have you looking like you rolled out of bed, opt for more designed sneakers rather than the gym kind. I like a metallic edge. Do try a structured bag in a vivid color (I have my eye on the one pictured), and seal the deal with a softly wrapped scarf around your neck

     Super casual or dressy, CLICK for inspiration to make pajama pants street chic:

    Here’s what I’d like you to do next…
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    Now, tell me in the comments below, how do YOU style your white T-shirts?

    Original Publish Date: May 1, 2014

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