Style yourself slimmer in minutes with these 10 fail proof clothing and beauty solutions

Learn how to Style Yourself Slimmer Fast with these 10 Simple Solutions to try now

Whether you’re low on time/inspiration for the gym or if you’re constantly on the go should no longer matter for the moment with these effective ideas to help you instantly boost your confidence with practical tips for a svelter you.

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And best of all, from beauty to the right kind of hosiery, we bet you won’t even have to spend a penny to start utilizing these tricks right away!


  • Accentuate your Jawline- Make your face read thinner by face by applying bronzer or contour powder along the jaw to add the appearance of depth. Keep the dusting light to ensure it looks natural.
  • Contour Cheekbones- Wearing a combination of blush & bronzer is an easy way to chiseled cheekbones. Smile wide and brush blush from the apple of your cheeks upward towards the temples, then lightly sweep on bronzer below.

  • Go bolder with your Lips- Apply on a rich lipcolor to create an instantly pretty focal point and to help illuminate your complexion. A coral shade flatters all skin tones and as you may know, classic red opens everything up.

  • Shape your Brows- Well-defined eyebrows make your eyes luminous. The key is not to overpluck – fuller brows balance out round cheeks and also create a focal point, while skinny brows emphasize fullness, not to mention wrinkles. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in light marks to create fullness.

  • Shine a light on your Legs- Rub highlighter or a glitter inflected lotion down the center of your legs to make them look thinner. While illuminating, the glitter reflects light to move the eye up and down.

  • Try an Updo- Wearing hair off your face will gives you a leaner look. The extra volume will draw the eye up. But if your hair is short, use a root lifting spray and add a decorative headband for some fun.

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  • Cinch your Waist– A top or dress with a structured or empire waist nips in your mid-section to provide a flattering silhouette. If your top is oversized, add a fuss-free belt and let the extra material make a pleated halo around your waist.
  • Go for A-line– Wear a structured dress or skirt that’s cut to hang around your hips and thighs. A hem that hits just below the bottom of your knee is the most flattering, elegant and age-appropriate. Dior’s coatdress (above) is a great example as it boasts a bell shape that sits away from the body, large flap pockets at the waist and a contrasting lapel to direct the eye.
  • Wear nude Shoes– Shoes that match your skin tone create a long-legged look. And wedges give you a lift without sacrificing comfort and practicality.
  • Add a delicate Necklace– People often tend to think a bigger pendant is better, but a simple charm or pendant (which ahem, is on-trend) that sits halfway between your bust and neck draws attention up and around your collar bone. Opt for a thin chain to blend in against skin and to avoid anything too bulky. –Naveed Hussain
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