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  • Stylish Puffer Coats in Down or Fiber-Fill for Snow Day Chic


    Let it snow ’cause you’re warm, cozy & chic!

    My gosh, this holiday blizzard has so many of us scampering for some snow day chic.

    Just when you thought you had your winter coat situation covered, you realize that cashmere or wool double-breasted really won’t do the trick in a blizzard.

    There’s nothing that wrecks my nerves more than to spot an otherwise style savvy woman in running around the city with a ski parka (worse with the ancient lift ticket dangling) or shivering her petunias off in a wimpy light jacket.

    Be prepared and look good too!

    The new breed of down or fiber-filled (better for those with allergies) puffer coats have enough urban style power, like the Mackage Felicia Hooded Puffer Coat, pictured, to be worn almost every winter day AND keep you warm and toasty too. Plus, if you choose a puffer coat with a classic sleek lines, you’ll be able to wear it for several seasons so its not such a crazy investment.

    >> Forget the frozen tootiesie, we’ve got some SNOW BOOTS for you!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about your puffer coat being water-resistant off the rack, as one thing or another from Nikwax will come to your waterproofing rescue. Just be sure to reapply the Nikwax after getting washed or cleaned.

    Let it sow, let, it, snow, let it snow…

    We pulled a bunch of super stylish fiber-filled or down puffer coats:

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