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  • Stylist Advice- How to beat cold feet? Bootights & sheepskin insoles to the rescue


    Q:Dear Sharon,  I’m hoping you can help me out. Now that the temperature is dropping I finally get to break out my boots. Happy me!

    I love wearing tights with boots but find that my feet are always freezing, especially at work. I really need to beat cold feet while looking stylish and office appropriate.

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    I usually wear an ankle sock over my tights for added warmth but they tend to slip down and bunch up in my boots. I’ve tried wearing taller socks and I know that showing some sock above your boot is trendy in a casual setting, but I don’t think it’s very professional looking in the workplace.

    Other than seeing my doctor for my poor circulation, do you have any suggestions for staying comfortable, stylish, and warm in my boots this winter? (Nan via Fashion Advice)



     I was so stoked when I discovered this genius invention and it is PERFECT for you! Bootights are socks + tights. Luxe opaque tights with an attached moisture-wicking ankle sock that has arch support to boot (crummy pun, I know). Bootights alleviate the need to double up socks over your tights, so you avoid the bunch. But the best thing, is that no one will ever know that you are wearing them as the look is sleek and easy, just like regular tights or even sheer hosiery. Genius.

    Sheepskin insoles are my secret weapon to stay warm and toasty when wearing leather boots- just be sure the boot has a roomy fit to old the fuzzy layer. The fuzzy liners saved my life after I purchased a pair of  “snow” boots from that designer whose name rhymes with shoe, but my feet froze from the thin sole. A quick fix with a cozy sheepskin insole and now those same boots are really snow boots and my cold weather favorites.

    Check out the Bootights and sheepskin insoles that I pulled for you to consider:

     Featured photos: Bootights Netscape Micro Fishnet Tights at Bloomingdale’s

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